July 2020 Winner’s Gallery – CPC Portrait Awards

WINNER - "Ophelia" by Kamila J.Gruss, Poland

Huge Congrats to Kamila J Gruss from Poland on Winning our Monthly Photo Contest CPC Portrait Awards, July 2020!


Outstanding, fabulous, evoke! Kamila mastered those portraits and there is no doubt she is the August winner. The good work is about capturing a stunning and emotive portrait that evokes feelings in the viewers and captivates their attention. Kamila not only follows the portrait rules and guidelines she is about breaking out of the mold. All her work is book cover worth, she is absolutely incredible in what she does! Bravo, well deserved, Kamila!
Kamila’s images are like magnets, they draw me into this surreal fairytale like worlds the very moment I look at them. Her ability to tell a story with a single frame and make us interested is nothing but pure talent! The winning image is no different, its visuals are superb, so many layers, patterns and textures. Creativity at its finest, I can imagine this photograph being on the cover of bestsellers. Congrats Kamila, striking image!
Unique vision combined with excellent execution is how I would describe Kamila's entire submission to the contest.It's brave, daring, different but so excellent!

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Photo by Kamila J Gruss
WINNER - "Spren of the desert" by Kamila_J_Gruss, Poland
HONORABLE MENTION - "sOULMATES" by Kamila J.Gruss, Poland
Photo by Kamila J Gruss, Poland
HONORABLE MENTION - "Poison Ivy" by Kamila J Gruss, Poland
by Kamila J Gruss, Poland
HONORABLE MENTION - "My cat died today" by Kamila J Gruss, Poland
HONORABLE MENTION - "Sylphrene" by Kamila J Gruss, Poland
Photo by Jagoda Gramala, Poland
HONORABLE MENTION - "Patrycja" by Jagoda Gramala, Poland
Jagoda Gramala, Poland
HONORABLE MENTION - "Naturallness" by Jagoda Gramala, Poland
Patrycja-Jagoda Gramala, Poland
HONORABLE MENTION-"Simple portrait" by Patrycja-Jagoda Gramala, Poland
Photo by Olga Rudenock, Russia
HONORABLE MENTION-"Swan" by Olga Rudenock, Russia
Tanya Bishop, Australia
HONORABLE MENTION-"The Window" by Tanya Bishop, Australia
HONORABLE MENTION - "Underwater tales" by Alicja Lelonek-Ball, Poland
Anna Matysiak, Poland
HONORABLE MENTION -"Girl with butterflies" by Anna Matysiak, Poland
Photo by Frank Bogers
HONORABLE MENTION- "Charissa" by Frank Bogers, Netherlands
Photo by Miki Sauce, Japan
HONORABLE MENTION- "Year 2000" by Miki Sauce, Japan
Photo by by Emilia Vila, Italy
HONORABLE MENTION - "Little Sunshine" by Emilia Vila, Italy
Photo by by Mario Yuzo, Brazil
HONORABLE MENTION - "There is still hope" by Mario Yuzo, Brazil
Duška Stepanov, Croatia
HONORABLE MENTION-"Bella's dream" by Duška Stepanov, Croatia
Photo by Duška Stepanov, Croatia
HONORABLE MENTION-"Siblings" by Duška Stepanov, Croatia
Anna Matysiak, Poland
HONORABLE MENTION-"Traveler" by Anna Matysiak, Poland
Claudia Spaziani, Italy
HONORABLE MENTION-"Valerie and the giant orange poppy" by Claudia Spaziani, Italy
Claudia Spaziani, Italy
HONORABLE MENTION-"Veronica and the flywheel" by Claudia Spaziani, Italy