We are delighted to present you initally selected judges of the CPC Portrait Awards – September 2019:



Marko Nadj Judge

Marko Nadj is a Fine Art Photographer. His work focus on mainly dark and moody, conceptual portraits of young people. Many of his photographs can be found on the covers of bestselling books. Marko has been discovered at the age of fifteen by PhotoVogue and local photography magazines where few of his earlier self-portraits have been featured. He lives and works in Serbia and Germany. He is selling his fine art photographs via Arcangel Images and Trevillion Images.

Olga Polo Photographer

Olga Polo is a Fine Art and Lifestyle photographer. Olga started her photography journey in 2015 and in a couple of years achieved international recognition in terms of awards and publishing her work in Digital Fine Art, BICFP and various Child photo magazines. She has recently nominated as one of best photographer 2018 in children category via 35 awards. She strongly believes that the power of photography has extraordinary potential in today’s ever-changing world.