January 2020 Winners Gallery – CPC Portrait Awards


photo by Mariola Glajcar
"White Queen" by Mariola Glajcar



Huge Congrats to Mariola Glajcar from Poland on Winning our Monthly Photo Contest CPC Portrait Awards, December 2019!


I’ve been following this artist for a few years now. And I can tell that behind every great success and achievement, there is hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. Most people who have achieved something substantial in life will tell you that there are no shortcuts to success. You have to work hard and persevere. Mariola’s art is one of a million. Based on my opinion her strongest part is creativity and editing. She is so attentive to details and her concept always on point. She has her unique style so I have no doubts who is author of the art if I see hew work on my feed. Truly deserved to be a winner of the month, Mariola! Please keep up the great work!
First of all, I have to admit I'm blown away with the quality of images in this competition! CPC Portrait Awards is becoming better and better each month and it's getting harder to choose the winner. However, Mariola is once again one step ahead of everybody. Her creativity is brilliant, she always brings something new to the table! This particular image is well thought out. The concept and the pose are unique & charming. The natural setting makes us focus on the subject and the story. Composition is excellent and the colors are delightful. All in all, magnificent image, I love it!
This month we had a chance to see some truly remarkable photographs. The ones we will remember for a long time. The ones that are setting new standards and criteria in a genre of child photography. I think that each of these photographers deserves maximum respect for their work. However, when it came to the point to choose the winner, I have to admit that Mariola took my breath away one more time. It was hard for me to decide would I rather go with "Fragile" or "White Queen". She is a photographer that excelled in lighting and other technical aspects long time ago. What makes me truly happy is that she is insanely creative and visionary artist. In a way, she is a trendsetter for conceptual child photography. Congrats Mariola!


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